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4-Day Event Planner
2019-01-21(Mon , D4)
1. Tutorial/Test, (2)
2. Club Meeting, (1)
2019-01-22(Tue , D5)
1. Activity, (2)
2. Tutorial/Test, (1)
2019-01-23(Wed , D6)
1. Tutorial/Test, (1)
2019-01-24(Thu , D1)
* F.6 Mock Exam
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  2. 2019-01-09 Tung Wah Speech Day
  3. 2018-12-19 Inter-class news commentary comp ...
  4. 2018-12-17 ScienceCafe x4
  5. 2018-12-12 Youth Arch Student Improvement Aw ...
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  2. 2018-07-13 The Spirit of Lo Kon Ting
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Achievement News
  1. JANCHOW S L(5A), PANDH ...Inter-School Basketball Competition Grade A Distinction
  2. JANNG K L(3C), LUI Y M ...Inter-school (Yuen Long) Volleyball Competition Boys Grade A 1st Runner-up
  3. DECCHENG W M(6A), KWOK ...Law's Applied learning Scholarship 2018Laws Applied Learning Scholarship
  4. DECLAI S Y(4C)The Sixth "Bon Appetite Mom and Pop" Drama Competition Secondary School Champion Most Popular preformance Award Best Actress Award
  5. NOVMAK H Y(4A), WONG W ...Hong Kong Inter-School "Support Hong Kong Sports Aces" Microfilm Competition 2018 Secondary School 1st Runner-up
  6. OCTWONG H Y(2A), NG L ...Principal Yim Chin Ming Memorial Scholarship (2017-2018)Student of the Year
  7. OCTCHIU Y(3A), WAN Y W ...Jockey Club Shue Yan Community Community Building Plan -- Life Created by Myself Short film productionChampion