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4-Day Event Planner
2017-09-25(Mon , D3)
1. Activity, (2)
2. Tutorial/Test, (4)
2017-09-26(Tue , D4)
1. Tutorial/Test, (1)
2017-09-27(Wed , D5)
1. Activity, (2)
2017-09-28(Thu , D0)
* School Athletic Meet
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  2. 2017-09-15 The 20th Student Association Elec ...
  3. 2017-08-31 Hin Sang Group Scholarship
  4. 2017-08-25 Youth LeaderCaring and Poverty ...
  5. 2017-08-21 Future Leaders Awards
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Achievement News
  1. JULLAW L Y(5C)The 20th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to the Motherland Chinese Chess Competition Secondary School 3rd Runner-up
  2. JUNCHEUNG K H(1A), WON ...Inter-school (Yuen Long) Boys Volleyball CompetitionInter-school (Yuen Long) Boys Volleyball Yearly Overall Champion
  3. JUNLI C C(5D)Yuen Long District Outstanding Students Selection 1st Runner-up cum Top 10 Outstanding Students Award
  4. JUNCHUNG S C(5C)Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete AwardsOutstanding Athlete Award (Volleyball)
  5. JUNLEONG C Y(3C)The 13th Tin Ngai Cup Chinese Chess Competition Lower Form Distinction
  6. JUNLEONG C Y(3C), LO K ...The 13th Tin Ngai Cup Chinese Chess Competition Secondary School 1st Runner-up
  7. JUNTING H W(2A), LAU C ...2017 Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Brass