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Club Data Entry

Academic Group

Chinese Society-Wong Kwok Leung (i/c)
English Society-Chau Wan Ching (i/c)
Mathematics Society-Kwan Kwok Sing (i/c)
Liberal Studies Society-Hung Lai Fan (i/c)
History Society-Chow Tat Yuen (i/c)
Science Society-Chan Siu Kwong (i/c)
Putonghua Society-Yip Sau Ying (i/c)
Library Club-Choy King Yan (i/c)
Science Enhancement Scheme-Luk To (i/c)

Interest Group

Geography Society-Cheng Yuen Yee (i/c)
The Arts Club-Chan Yu Wah (i/c)
Business Club-Leung Fung Yi (i/c)
Chinese Drama Club-Au Chi Keong (i/c)
English Drama Club-Fong Ling Ling (i/c)
Christian Fellowship-Tam May Ling (i/c)
Innovative Technology Club-Chan Tak Lam (i/c)
Home Economics Club-Kuo Ching Kam (i/c)
Digital Graphics Club-Kwok Fu Yin (i/c)
Astronomy Club-Ngan Shing Tak (i/c)
Chess Club-Yip Pui Tung (i/c)
School Prefect-Chan Kit Chi (i/c)
Student Librarians-Choy King Yan (i/c)
Moral & Civic Education Committee-Lo Ki Shun (i/c)

Service Group

Boy Scouts-Leung Kwong Fai (i/c)
Girl Guides-Lam Ching Chi (i/c)
Hong Kong Red Cross-Wong Chak Sum (i/c)
Junior Police Call-Cheng Yuen Yee (i/c)
Social Service Group-Wong Wai Yan (i/c)

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