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4-Day Event Planner
2015-06-01(Mon, 1)
1. Activity, (2)
2. Tutorial/Test, (3)
2015-06-02(Tue, 2)
1. Activity, (1)
2. Tutorial/Test, (4)
2015-06-03(Wed, 3)
1. Activity, (2)
2. Tutorial/Test, (1)
New Activities Photos  More...
  1. TWGHs Earth Citizen Education Programme Facebook
  2. 2015-05-26 Inter House Mathematics Olympiad
  3. 2015-05-12 Visit to King George V School
  4. 2015-05-11 Social Enterprises Ethnic Minoro ...
  5. 2015-05-10 Hiking - High JunkPeak
New Activities videos   More...
  1. 2015-04-21 HKDSE Sharing Experience Session
  2. 2015-03-15 Building safety week drama compe ...
  3. 2014-12-06 The Second 「Dad Mom, Time for d ...
Achievement News
  1. MAYLAU K F(1A), SO N Y ...2015 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (English) Secondary School Credit
  2. MAYMA S C(3B)Love Family Drawing CompetitionLower Form Champion Champion
  3. MAYTSANG Y T(5E)Schools Interport Volleyball Competition Represent HK to gain 1st Runner-up in Girls Group
  4. MAYLEE K T(1B), LAI K ...Inter-school Volleyball Competition Boys Grade B 2nd Runner-up
  5. MAYKWOK H S(4A), CHEUN ...2015 1st China Youth Game Volleyball CompetitionRepresent HK to gain 6th position in Preliminary Round
  6. MAYCHEUNG W S(5F)Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014/15Award for Commendable Overall Performance,Award for Outstanding Cooperation,Award for Outstanding Script
  7. MAYKWOK W C(5D)Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014/15Award for Outstanding Stage Effect,Award for Outstanding Cooperation,Award for Outstanding Performer